How To Do A Smoky Eye

Is it just us, Potatoheads, or is everyone wearing a smoky eye lately? It seems like the second October hit, our fellow New Yorkers switched out their minimalist summer look for a fully done smoky eye. Not to be outdone, we turned to one of our favorite makeup artists, Gita Bass, for some sound advice.

She’s taught us how to perfect our cat eye and spice up our fall makeup routine, so we knew Gita would be able to make a smoky eye manageable for our next event. We’ll admit, a smoky eye has seemed a bit too high maintenance for us in the past. All that blending and shading, who has the time? But Gita has made the perfect smoky eye routine for us, one that fits into our busy schedule and can be applied with the goods we have at our desk. Read below for Gita’s tips. Hey, if it works for Keira Knightley and Elizabeth Olsen, it works for us…

From Gita Bass 

There is nothing sexier and more timeless than a gorgeous smoky eye, and with the right products and application tips it’s so easy to achieve. When you think smoke, don’t always think black, which can often look too harsh. A jewel toned smokey eye in purple, emerald, navy or bronze can really make eyes pop without looking over done.

The key to achieving a great smoky eye is to blend really well, and then blend some more! You want soft edges and no harsh lines.

To help the blending, and the staying power of the makeup, start by applying an eyelid primer and give it a minute to dry.

Next grab a soft chunky eye liner pencil in either black or the jewel tone that you are going for – I love the Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleons – and trace the top and bottom lash lines and blend well with a soft brush.

Then layer a medium tone powder shadow of the color you’re using, and apply it over the liner up to the crease of your eye and along the bottom lash line and blend well. For added intensity, apply the darkest version of the color along the top lash line blending up slightly and into the outer corner of the crease.

Apply the same dark color to the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line and blend well. For added definition apply a thin line of gel liner in either black or jewel tone to the upper lash line and blend.

To achieve the perfect shape, look directly in the mirror with your eyes open. The color should be visible when staring straight ahead so if you need to go a little higher with the shadow, go for it.

Once you are happy with the shape, grab a soft highlighter thats not too shimmery and apply it to the brow bone blending slightly over the smoky shadow-this helps with the blending process and gives the eye a perfect smoky finish. Apply the same highlighter on the inner v of the eye for an extra sparkle.

Finish by curling your lashes and applying a few coats of mascara and voila!

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