10 Vegetables That Make Skin Glow

Scroll through above for the ten fall vegetables that make you glow!

As we fully accept fall in all its glory, we find that we’re between a rock and a hard place when it comes to choosing what to eat. We’re naturally drawn toward eating butter-laden pies and super-sugary drinks (looking at you, PSL) as the temperatures get colder, but we also know that eating these foods will wreak havoc on our skin. You know the tell-tale signs of a sugar-binge: dull skin, worse under eye bags than usual, the signature chin pimple. How do we reconcile our deepest cravings with our intent to have clearer, glowier skin?

That’s where nutritionist Mikaela Reuben comes in. We trust Mikaela with all things nutrition. Let’s face it, Potatoheads: we’re never going to be the kind of women who juice cleanse on the reg, but we can make conscious decisions to be more mindful about what we’re eating, especially when it affects our skin. Read below for Mikaela’s tips and tricks to eating healthily, because we all could use a little extra glow this fall.

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