Our Favorite Cropped Sweaters

Scroll through the slideshow above for the best cropped sweaters. 

When sweater weather arrives, we find ourselves increasingly concerned with the idea of proportions. Sure, an oversized sweater looks great with leggings for a weekend walk around Central Park, but wear that same sweater to a meeting at work and suddenly the ‘borrowed from the boys’ look doesn’t seem appropriate. Finding perfectly proportioned clothing is essential when it comes to fall and winter dressing, and there is no top that looks better or is more flattering than a cropped sweater. Pairing a cropped  with high-waisted jeans or trousers will instantly make your legs look longer, and create the general illusion that you are taller, (a desire for any girl who’s not Karlie Kloss).

Sometimes though, we find that cropped sweaters can be a little too cropped —  and let’s be real, no one wants their belly showing when the temperatures drop. That’s why we have scoured the net to find perfect length crop tops; Not too short, not too long – these sweaters are just right.

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