10 Fall Pasta Recipes

Scroll through above for 10 great fall pasta recipes!

Now that it’s fall, it finally feels completely appropriate to dig back through our bookmarked pages (both of the print and digital persuasion) and pull out our favorite pasta recipes. We love a good pasta dish any time of the year, but there’s something about fall that makes us crave comforting carbs and heavier sauces. We’d be flat out lying if we said we choose crisp salads over pasta, and colder weather is the time to delve into what we like to think of as “The Mediterranean Diet.”

Round out your pasta with vegetables and you’ll have a balanced, not to mention delicious, meal. Summer may reign supreme in our minds as the best time to buy fresh veggies, but this is a fallacy. The markets are teeming with seasonal squash, end of summer tomatoes, and amazing eggplant varieties. Scroll above for satisfying pasta recipes, without all the guilt…

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