The Ultimate Guide to NYC Food Delivery

Scroll above for our favorite NYC delivery spots!

We love cooking as much as the next woman, but we’re self-confident enough to admit that there are days when we just need to lay on the couch and zone out to Stranger Things/Westworld/Sex and The City (you get the picture).

The thought of meal prep on Sundays or after coming home after work at 8 PM is frankly a little too much to handle: We’re modern women after all. With fall here, the weather is only going to be forcing us inside more and more. We say embrace it. As bonafide foodies, we know a thing or two about who has the best Chinese food and where to get the fastest thin crust pizza delivery. Use this guide when staying home will save your sanity; Pro tip – delivery is best accompanied by your coziest sweatpants and a large glass of wine…

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