Leo November Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

Sink a little deeper into those sofa cushions, Leo. The Sun is in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house until November 21, your annual time for nesting and resting at home base. Slow your pace, skip a few of the parties and curl up with a mug of turmeric tea or a good book. Focusing on home improvements; perusing interior design blogs (like this awesome place to buy and sell used furniture). Try out some new recipes or invite loved ones over and reminisce ’til your heart’s content.

On November 14, you need to switch gears from personal to professional, as a powerful Taurus full moon—also a charged-up supermoon shines its light on your tenth house of career and achievement. Swap those worn Lululemons for shiny Louboutins, because it’s time to make some strategic moves on the work front. Reach out to a VIP for connections, or a mentor figure who can give you solid advice or a great referral. With a tight game for your long-term plans, you can feel confident about speaking up and gaining recognition for all your hard work. A prestigious leadership position or coveted gig might land in your lap—but this is not a lucky twist of fate. You’ve earned these accolades through hard work over the last six months. Accept it all with grace and style!

An emotional fog starts to lift around November 19, when confusing Neptune ends its five-month retrograde (backward) cycle in Pisces, your eighth house of sex, intimacy, shared finances and psychological intensity. Since June 16, you’ve been battling with your own uncertainty about a close relationship, either personal or professional (maybe even both). Now the intensity lessens, and you’re finally able to see the forest for the trees. Being stuck in the mire did have its advantages, though—and hopefully, this period of soul-searching allowed you to clear away some emotional debris. Now, you can move forward with more clarity and purpose. A sticky financial or legal entanglement could also resolve itself soon.

On November 21, the Sun journeys into Sagittarius, your fifth house of passion and romance, rebooting your natural joie de vivre. As the holiday season heats up, so does your lust for life. Skip out of work early to spend an afternoon luxuriating at a spa or getting ready to hit the town for a decadent night at the coolest new pop-up eatery or salsa club. Romance takes center stage, too—as long as it’s flirty and festive, you don’t mind a little drama. These cosmic skies encourage an open, brave heart—just your cup of kombucha. With so much love, fun and glamour buzzing about, you’re inspired to go on and live out loud as only a Leo can!

Keep it simple on November 24, when expansive Jupiter in Libra, your intellectual third house, locks into a hair-raising square with obsessive Pluto in Capricorn, your analytical sixth house. You could find yourself stuck in an overthinking, stressful rut. Yes, there are plenty of choices to be made—but remind yourself that you don’t have to make them all this second. In poor cosmic timing, this Jupiter-Pluto square falls on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., which can come pre-packaged with family pressure and overwhelm. If you’re at the grocery story trying to please all with your menu, stop the madness and streamline. At dinner, you risk floating off into your own compulsive thoughts and unable to listen to great Uncle Bob’s yarn-spinning. It may be a challenge to stay present, so don’t beat yourself up for a less-than-perfect showing.

With Pluto in your health sector, this stressful day could push you to the brink and leave you susceptible to a seasonal illness or a needless accident. If you’re not extra nurturing to yourself, you could get sick with a cold or flu, or make a careless error. Stay present and aware of your surroundings instead of rushing around mindlessly, especially if you’re driving. Take a page from your fellow Leo Jackie O, who was known for excusing herself to her room when she needed R&R, even when she was in the middle of hosting. For more self-care tips from this icon, check out What Would Jackie Do? Who could go wrong with a guide like that?

The month closes on a highly festive note, as the Sagittarius new moon turns a fresh page in your house of self-expression, creativity and love on November 29. This new moon opens up a thrilling fresh chapter for you, directed entirely by what’s in your bold, generous heart. You might find new love—or feel a rekindled attraction with your mate. You could also decide to immerse yourself in a creative endeavor. To that end, it’s the 25th anniversary of Julia Cameron’s classic book The Artist’s Way—maybe time to pick up a commemorative journal for the “morning pages” exercise that’s a fundamental part of this book. Pregnancy might also figure into the equation, as the fifth house rules fertility. A little warning though: With the new moon forming a challenging square to dreamy Neptune, temper your impulse to make any permanent plans. Explore and dream, but when it comes to binding commitments, don’t sign on the dotted line just yet.

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