How To Do The Perfect Cat Eye

A cat eye should be a go-to look for every New Yorker; its subtle drama and clean lines perfectly encapsulates the city’s understated cool. Plus, it can make any girl feel like a badass immediately. If we’re honest, though, the perfect cat eye has always alluded us. How do you get the flick just right? Where should you start lining the eye?

We asked Starworks Makeup Artist Gita Bass for her professional advice, and let’s just say our (social) lives are forever changed. Gita has worked with such notable celebrities as Keira Knightley, Tina Fey, Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Olsen just to name a few. If there’s anyone we trust with making New York women look like their best selves, it’s Gita. Read below for her guide to the absolutely perfect cat eye…

From Gita Bass 

The ever illusive cat eye! It frustrates everyone, including me sometimes, but there are a few great tricks to make it virtually fool proof.

The easiest way to achieve the perfect shape is to start with a well sharpened eye liner pencil – it’s so much easier to work with and it doesn’t dry quickly so you have plenty of time to agonize over your line.

Start by looking straight into a mirror and notice the angle of the edge of your lower lash line. This will be the angle you will follow for your cat eye, so begin there and draw a line heading toward the tip of your brow. The length of your line is totally up to you and depends on how much drama you are going for.

Once you have this line then start at the inner corner of the lash line and using small strokes, draw a line that becomes gradually thicker until it meets the end point of your original line.

Now look directly into the mirror and decide if your line is too thick or thin. There are no rules, it all depends on the look you are going for and your individual eye shape.

Always have some skinny Q-tips and a great remover on hand. I love the Simple Skin Care Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover because it easily removes even water proof makeup without harsh rubbing that can cause redness and irritation. If your line is looking uneven or not crisp enough, simply trace along the edge with the q-tip dipped in a drop of remover. It’s an easy way to get that perfect sharp finish.

Once you’re happy with your line grab a liquid or gel liner and just trace over it.

For a shakey hand, rest your elbow on a steady surface and keep those Q-tips and remover on hand for any mistakes. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe!

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