Cancer November Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

A little fall romance, anyone? The Sun is blazing through Scorpio until November 21, heating up your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression. There’s no hiding in that famous shell for you now, Crab! This fierce and flamboyant solar cycle awakens the diva within. The holidays might be a few weeks off, but you’re cosmically entitled to the pursuit of pleasure and playful encounters. Go forth and paint the town red or indulge your imagination. Make art, make a splash, make your voice heard. Just be mindful to keep things in “healthy drama” terrain and avoid people who push your buttons and provoke knee-jerk reactions.

You could have some #squadgoals to celebrate midmonth, as the November 14 Taurus full moon, also a potent supermoon, ignites your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A collaboration could culminate in a triumph—or a turning point—as la luna caps off your shared efforts from the last six months. Is it time to go forward with this crew or to seek a new high-vibe tribe? This is your moment to evaluate, and possibly make a shift. Warning: A friendship could also reach its D-day. The upside? This is an excellent moment to network and reach out to like-minded people through social media and online channels. Got a message or new venture to share with the world? Just press “launch”—your efforts could go viral under this sizzling supermoon.

You’ll get even more focused come November 19, when dreamy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde (backward) trek through your ninth house of travel, entrepreneurship and publishing. If you’ve been hazy about your long-term visions, beliefs and ideals, soul-stirring Neptune tunes you back into your highest self. You’ve been subconsciously ruminating on your greater purpose in this world—without even realizing it. So don’t beat yourself up for being adrift or uncertain—soon, everything that’s been happening since mid-June will start to make sense.

Your decadence meets its deadline on November 21, when the Sun leaves Scorpio (party’s over!) and marches into Sagittarius, your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. Call the cleanup crew, Cancer. This is your time to buckle down and finish any projects before the holidays. Handle your to-do list, your shopping list, ANY list. Delegate to capable people, too—the sixth house rules helpers and also volunteer work. ‘Tis the season to give back, so take advantage of the myriad opportunities to help those less fortunate now.

Since the sixth house rules wellness, banish seasonal stress and viruses by ramping up your own self-care and nutrition. While everyone else gears up for eggnog and fruitcake orgies, you’re dreaming up vegivore-inspired recipes for Brussels sprouts, yams and root vegetables. We know, we know: No self-respecting Cancer would really skip out on the bounty of holiday fare. But astrologically, you’re always out-of-sync with the indulgent cultural climate this time of year. Incorporate movement into your daily routine, even if it follows a buffet binge or means you head to yoga slightly hung over. Load half your plate with dark leafy greens, then go wild with the other 50 percent of your meal. Instead of depriving yourself, add in more of the good-for-you stuff to stay balanced.

Speaking of balance, yours will be tested on November 24, when expansive Jupiter and controlling Pluto lock into a tense and combative square. Expansive Jupiter is in your domestic fourth house, putting family and home front and center. Meantime, intense Pluto is in your relationship house. This practically spells “meltdown!” for any Crab trying to juggle the demands of loved ones, or attempting to play host, mediator, caretaker and designated people-pleaser…all roles your sign can easily fall into. Since this tense Jupiter-Pluto aspect happens to coincide with Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. (really, cosmos?), the stage is set for a Turkey Takedown Royale if you’re not careful. Dodge the undermining comments of relatives who muse aloud why you’re single (yet again!), or criticize your hospitality. Book a hotel instead of staying in a stress-filled home—guilt trips from the future in-laws be damned! If you’re in a relationship, make a written vow not to turn on each other if the stress reaches a critical mass.

And if you do lose your s***, Cancer? Well, you can repent—and not repeat—on November 29, when the Sagittarius new moon puts you on a sensible new footing. You could be inspired to start a fitness kick or bring order back into the chaotic parts of your life. This new moon helps you make a plan and get cracking, too.

Just beware of being overly ambitious here. A harsh beam from unrealistic Neptune in your ninth house of excess warns that you could take on too much, only to crash and burn. Cutting all carbs or sugar from your diet during the year’s best dessert season? Heck no! Signing up for a personal training package between Christmas and New Year’s? Only if you really, really want to miss out on all the family bonding moments that give your sign life.

Just do one healthy thing every day: get up and move around, eat your veggies, take a 20-minute walk with a beloved friend, pet or family member. The goal is to create a sustainable, stress-free lifestyle, not to turn into a zealot about the latest trendy health craze.

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