Annoying Things Boys Do

Scroll through the slideshow above for annoying things men do. 

We want to hear from you. What are annoying things boys do? We asked friends and family anonymously what a current or past significant other does that they just can’t/couldn’t stand. What brought on this story? It was at a recent brunch that I realized how much pleasure ladies can get from sharing war stories about boyfriends or husbands, especially when someone across the table says she had the same argument with her significant other just last week.

Hearing about how your friend also fought over whether to watch Stranger Things or Making A Murderer with her boyfriend (big issues, we know) makes you feel less crazy, and a girl knowing another girl also had a “do the dishes” super passive aggressive dance with her guy just last week is no doubt relief-inducing. We decided to replicate that comradery on a forum online, so scroll through above for what anonymous potatoheads had to say, and contribute your own complaints below!

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