Heard Around Town

We’re definitely fans of Stranger Things, but if one more person tells us to watch it, we might just crack like Gretchen Weiners. What are things you’re hearing around town, 24/7, ery’ day, all day recently that you just can’t take anymore? We want to hear from you, and in the meantime, here are ours…

“If Brad and Angelina can’t make it, who can?”

Well, I think a lot of people, clearly. But it’s hard to break this sentiment and reasoning down in a group girl’s text.

“You NEED to watch Stranger Things…like, before anything else, anything else, for serious.”

I mean, The Bachelor’s on and I’m gonna watch that first so like, shit…chill, but thanks for the rec.

“It’s really meta.”

Once a group of people has used this in conversation twenty times and you’ve nodded in agreement each time, it’s too late to ask them what meta means…

“I actually quit coffee. I do tea and I really haven’t noticed the difference.”

To that I’ll say….


“Meditation will totally change your life, have you tried it?”

Nah, and my answer hasn’t changed since yesterday.

“When will it be fall? I’m sick of this hot weather.” 

The first official day of fall was September 22nd, but sometimes it takes some time for it to get cool, let me know what else I can help you with.

Sarcastically using “conscious uncoupling” for any and every break up reference.

We get it, you’re not a Gwyneth fan, but what do you think of consciously uncoupling from using the phrase?

“There’s NO way Donald Trump will win…”

Endlessly knocking on wood.

“Could I get a side of avocado?”

Actually…I do this all the time.

“How was your summer vacation, where’d you go?”

I’m not a teacher and I went to Storm King once?

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*Illustration by Danielle Kosann