How Much Should You Tip?

Scroll through above for how much to tip servers, stylists, bartenders, valet parking, doormen, delivery men and bell hops alike!

It was recently that I rushed out of an awesome haircut and hairdo, and left a 20% tip, that someone told me it’s more the norm to leave a 25-30% tip for a very long, very successful haircut and hairdo. It’s something I probably should have known about but didn’t, and I was ridden with guilt, as I usually try to be a generous and thoughtful tipper. I realized that loads of people are probably lost when it comes to how much gratuity to leave: I mean, how many times have you sat at a table at the end of dinner and had all your friends ask one another how much tip they’re leaving?

If you’re not going to one of Danny Meyers’ restaurants (who has a recent no-tipping policy), chances are you’re eating out and drinking and don’t always know what’s appropriate. Or how about the differences between a fast casual spot and a nice restaurant, or a sports-bar-bartender versus a fancy-restaurant-bartender, or the bell hop at your next hotel, or your next valet parking experience? And what about spa treatments? What’s the norm for a nail stylist or a hair stylist?

We scoured a couple different cities and asked anonymous stylists and servers, bartenders and bellhops, doormen and delivery guys alike what a good tip for them actually is. Scroll through above and prepare to be informed, and perhaps surprised…

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