How To Pull Off A Pantsuit Like Victoria Beckham

Scroll through above for eight Victoria Beckham inspired pantsuits. 

As tweens of the nineties, we were always very envious about the way Posh Spice could pull off a chic, feminine, little black dress. And now almost twenty years later, we still find ourselves equally enthralled with how Victoria Beckham dresses (although she has swapped her LBDs for much more androgynous attire).

We recently saw Mrs. Beckham at an event and couldn’t help but wonder how she so perfectly pulled off a black pantsuit, without looking like a lawyer. Maybe it was the slouchy trousers, maybe it was the silky fabric, or maybe it was the way she kept her hands in her pockets…In her black tailored pantsuit, Victoria Beckham was easily the best dressed person at the party, (and it was a fashion week party no less). We found ourselves wishing we could trade our outfits for hers. Scroll through above for the items you need to emulate the ever-so-chic Victoria Beckham. We’ve wanted to dress like her since we were kids, why stop now?

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