25 Essentials For The Minimalist

Scroll through above for 25 great essentials for the minimalist

Minimalism is in, because it’s no secret with tech and social media and thousands of platforms for content, our lives have become as crowded as a Kanye West concert moshpit. While that may work for Kanye at MSG, it doesn’t work for our lives and especially our wardrobes, which we increasingly like to make more minimal. Minimal basics (like the types you see on chic French girls), will always stay classic, and the idea of a uniform like blue jeans, sneakers and a white button down has been increasingly appealing to us lately (maybe it’s all the fashion week street style instagrams). Either way, minimalism isn’t for everyone, but it can be on certain week. Check out the 25 basics you need if you are – in fact – a minimalist, or aim to be one this month…

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