How To Spice Up Your Makeup Routine

Feeling in a makeup rut? We are. Come the end of summer we’re always looking for ways to reset, and our makeup routine is the perfect place to start. Why do the same thing every day, why not make it a little more fun? We chatted with Alicia Vikander’s makeup artist Gita Bass on ways to change up what you do (it’s not as daunting as it sounds). Peruse below for the 10 easy tips sure to change up your routine in a big way!

1. Been keeping it simple with your eyeliner all summer with blacks and browns? Bring some color to your fall and layer jewel tones over your black line. The black gives definition, while colors like navy, purple and emerald can really make eyes pop. Pair the look with black mascara and an otherwise soft, neutral face.

2. Want to keep your summer glow lasting through fall? Try mixing a few drops of luminizer with your foundation or tinted moisturizer for a flawless, radiant finish. Paler skin should stick with pearl or light champagne tones, whilst warmer tones should use gold or bronze.

3. Got a favorite summer berry lipstick? Transform it into fall’s coolest trend—the gothic power lip! First fill in your lips with a black eyeliner and then layer the lipstick over the top. The effect is a super dark berry or plum lipstick that is more wearable than black.

4. Been neglecting your brows this summer? A strong brow can look too heavy when paired with a bikini, but it’s the perfect accessory to a chic fall outfit. Fill in your brows using a brow pencil, one shade lighter if you’re brunette and one darker if you’re blonde, using small strokes to mimic brow hairs. Keep brushing them up whilst filling them in to combine the pigment with the brow hairs for the most natural finish. Adding a little brow powder over the top, and then a brow gel keeps both the color, and the hairs in place.

5. Glitter is back and it definitely helps keep the festive feel of Summer alive. The key to pulling it off is to keep it subtle! Try lining the top lash line with black liquid liner and then once it’s dry layer a glitter liner over the top. If you only have loose glitter, first apply some lip balm over the line and apply the glitter with a small brush. Another great glitter look is liner on the top and a small line of glitter along the bottom lash line to catch the light and create some sparkle. To clean up glitter fall down use a small piece of scotch tape wrapped around your fingers and gently lift it off your face.

6. Bring back the smoke! Personally, I can never be bothered with a proper smokey eye in the summer—it just feels like too much makeup. Once fall hits, I’m all about it and I’m not just talking blacks and greys. Experiment with deep purple, navy, emerald green and bronze by smudging a soft chunky pencil on the upper and lower lashlines and then layering a similar color shadow over the top to set the pencil.

7. Wind swept cheeks are likely to happen anyway in the fall, so why not just go with it? Instead of only focusing on summer bronzer, add some color to the cheeks by applying a rosy cream to the apples of the cheeks and blending with your finger or a damp beauty blender. For extra staying power, layer a similar toned powder blush over the top using a soft fluffy brush for the ultimate windswept flush.

8. The ’90s brick toned lip is back and since it’s such an autumnal shade, fall is the perfect time to try it. If you don’t want to invest in a new lipstick, simply layer your favorite warm red over a creamy brown eye liner pencil feathered over the lip and mix well with a lip brush—you can always add a bit more pencil over the top if the color is still looking too red. This lip looks great when paired with paler skin (think Winona Ryder in the ‘90s) so put away the bronzer and add a touch of peach blush to keep you from looking washed out.

9. Have some fun with your mascara again without the fear of it melting in the hot summer sun. Apply a few extra coats by first wiggling the wand at the roots to create a thick base and then turn the wand vertical and wiggle up to the end of the lashes. This creates a more spidery effect which is a huge fall trend and really opens up the eyes.

10. Transform your dainty summer cat eye into a “take no prisoners” rock’n’roll eye by thickening the upper line and bringing it to the bottom lashline as well. If you’re not so skilled with the liquid liner, try first creating the shape with a pencil liner which is much easier to smudge and remove. Once you’re happy with the shape, then trace over the pencil with a jet black liquid or gel liner and keep the skinny Q-tips close by for any mistakes. You can always dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover to perfect the line and make it sharp and precise.

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