10 Perfect Tunics

Scroll through the slideshow above for our 10 favorite tunics. 

We often find ourselves questioning why tunics are so appealing. Is it in their ability to be worn throughout the entire year? You can throw one over a swimsuit for a chic beach look, or put on a pair of jeans underneath and attend just about any Saturday afternoon event. Is it because they add an instant cool factor? Giving you that, not-trying-too-hard-but-still-looking-good vibe. Or is is because they are incredibly comfortable? Pyjamas and maxi dresses really are their only rival in the comfort department.

Whatever it is, tunics are definitely a wardrobe staple of ours. And just because summer is almost over (cue audible sigh) does not mean it’s not a good time to invest in the versatile item. Scroll through above as we’ve found 10 perfect tunics you can wear all year long.

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