Start Your Morning Right

Here’s something you probably already know: Many of your everyday ailments might be a result of dehydration. Here’s something you probably don’t already know: Drinking water can actually make you dehydrated, if you’re drinking the wrong kind. That’s right – you have to drink alkaline water to start the day the right way. The quickest way to make alkaline water? Throw in some lemon juice. Read below for ten quotes from our tastemakers – if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us…

“I start my day with lemon water and strong cup of coffee, gotta hydrate.” – Colman Domingo

“I make sure to refuel with lots of veggies and protein, hydrating with lemon water for a full detox helps me feel fresh and replenished.” – Elena Kampouris

“After morning prayer and meditation, I always start my day with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and a glass of lemon water.” – Tai Beauchamp

“Water with lemon, alkaline water or Harmless Harvest Coconut Water – all make my skin glow!” – Nicole Scherzinger

“Hot lemon water, oil pulling, and ninety minutes of dynamic yoga practice. I do these three things every day.” – Rachel Brathen

“I start each day with warm water and lemon to keep my body alkaline and take plenty of vitamins and minerals.” – Lindsay Ellingson

“In the morning, I have 500 ml of lemon water first thing, then fruit (papaya, peach, pineapple, kiwi), chia seed pudding, oatmeal or an egg on spelt toast. Then espresso and almond cookies, 500ml of lemon water, and The Super Elixir.” – Elle Macpherson

“I put cinnamon in my coffee (cinnamon is packed with nutrients) and I always start my day with lemon water. It’s amazing at aiding digestion!” – Molly Sims

“In the morning when I wake up, the traditional hot lemon water is a must. I shower, then I love to have fresh fruit, like banana, strawberry, mango or raspberry with a small squeeze of lime. A bit later, I will have plain oatmeal, another cup of water and lemon.” – Aymeline Valade

Water, water, water. It’s important to stay hydrated. I drink a lot of lemon water, and a lot of green tea.” – Brooke Burke

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