The Top 30 Salads in Midtown

Scroll through above for 30 great delivery salads in midtown

Chances are you’re in a serious salad rut. You’ve no doubt OD-ed on that salad you discovered early summer that you’ve ordered five times a week : You thought you guys would be together forever but you were wrong. The truth is, unlike love, you’re not destined for just one salad for the rest of your life. Instead you should be exploring a variety of salads and have the freedom to take each out for a few go-arounds then move onto the next one (as crass as that may sound, potatoheads).

Even though midtown can seem like a desert when it comes to good food and healthy choices, we’re here to prove that notion wrong. See our hit list of the best salads around that can be delivered right to your office door. You can thank us when you become the village bicycle (when it comes to salads of course), just tell your every day romaine & grilled chicken go-to it’s not them it’s you, and you’re just not that into it…

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