Where To Spot Celebrities & People Watch

Scroll through above for where to people watch and spot celebrities in 5 different cities!

Where does one go to see and be seen in America and around the globe? Or just to spot celebrities and other really cool people: Potato, potata. People watching is an underrated pastime, potatoheads: Especially when it’s warm out. Summer’s almost over, and it might just be your last chance to sit outside in perfect frames, in order to see and be seen the right way (while eating and drinking al fresco, of course). Enter Eyeconic. This is where we’re getting all of our people watching eyewear, which brings us to: What are the best cities for people watching and celeb-spotting? And where should you go in each?

Drop by La Palette in Paris for the perfect French-It-Girl people watching, and don’t forget these bordeaux  Etro frames with engraved paisley temples to go with your cheese plate. Hit the pavement outside Da Silvano in New York City’s West Village. You may just spot Manhattan’s greatest fashion figures – and see them perfectly in these rose tortoise Calvin Klein Collection specs. Scroll through above for where to go in five different cities we love, to see and be seen…in serious star-worthy, and shady style at that (pun intended).

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