How To Keep A Tight Derriere

Scroll through above for the top 5 butt exercises to do while pregnant. 

From BodyLove Pilates’ Ali Handley

As women, we’re often striving for a great looking butt – so why should that change when you’re expecting! Yes, your tummy absolutely has to get bigger as your pregnancy progresses but that doesn’t mean your butt has to follow suit! Maintaining a toned tushie throughout the three trimesters is crucial and it’s not just to fit into your skinny jeans.

Strong glutes provide essential support for your pelvis and spine as the baby grows. They help keep you in proper postural alignment, countering the anterior tilt of your pelvis that occurs as the tummy gets bigger. By strengthening the butt you will experience significantly less low back pain!

There are loads of exercise options that target the butt and they remain accessible throughout your entire pregnancy, which is awesome. You can do butt exercises from standing, seated and safely on your back – so lots of variety to keep your workouts fun and motivating!

Scroll through above for the BodyLove Pilates top 5 butt moves to keep you feeling and looking great for the entire 9 + months!

*Featuring images from Helmut Newton and Vogue UK

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