The 10 Fall Items You Need

Scroll through the slideshow above for the most coveted items of Fall 2016. 

Every season, there are a few luxury items which gain an insane amount of publicity. They’re the kind of products that Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing and buying if Sex and the City were still airing today. From the Miu Miu shoes that fill your Instagram feed, and the Dior glasses every editor/blogger/human being is wearing, to the perfect Cuban Coffee, and most desirable home furnishings – we know you guys know exactly what we are talking about.

With Fall 2016 stock arriving in stores, we thought it would be the perfect time to give you a list of the most coveted items to purchase this fall. We’ve included both fashion and food focused items, because, well, we are The New Potato after all. You won’t need to refer to your Instagram feed this season; everything you’ll want to buy is already listed in the slideshow above.

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