The Ultimate Dairy & Grain Food Swaps

Scroll through the slideshow above for Danielle’s food swaps.  

It’s getting to that time in summer where we still want to be healthy, but we’re a little tired of eating kale salads every single day (apologies to all the kale enthusiasts out there – we’re just being honest!).

That is why we called in paleo guru Danielle Walker. Danielle is the brains behind the blog and best-selling cookbook Against All Grain, and she has provided us with some healthy food swaps to try when you’re craving the dairy and carb-like ingredients which may not be the best health-wise. From veggies noodles, to cauliflower mash, Danielle has five options to help make your summer diets a little bit healthier, while making sure you don’t have to compromise on taste. We call this a win-win situation.

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