Get Perfect Beach Hair

Scroll through above to see how to get perfect beach hair. 

When it comes to our hair in summertime…or any time of year, we could all use a little help styling-wise. But in terms of beauty, us potatoheads are creatures of minimalism. We don’t want a million options thrown at us, but rather a few curated choices. Enter the Bumble and bumble Surf family. Chances are, you know it, you love it, and if you don’t, you’re about to get your mind (and hair) blown.

Enter Surf Spray, Surf Infusion and Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry. Three perfect products, three girls made for them: What more could a gal looking for beach-like waves atop her head all summer long (and all year round at that) ask for?

Anna Gray, a writer, model and founder of the amazing newsletter, Things I Would Buy If I Didn’t Have to Pay Rent sports Bb. Surf Infusion – an oil and salt infused spray ideal for coarser, drier hair types. This spray gets you softer, sea-tossed waves perfect for looking like you didn’t try at all (As if Anna’s photos aren’t evidence enough). Again, air dry, and the world is your oyster (Oysters at Surf Lodge might just be your first stop). We talked to Anna two days after her first experience with the product and she said, “Okay, it’s been two days, and I still haven’t washed my hair…The texture and volume are what I wish my hair did on its own.” We love that her hair is soft and touchable but also has just the right amount of ‘Je ne sais quoi.’

Our girl Reece Solomon – a fashion designer at Naeem Khan – sported the original (and a personal favorite of ours) – Bb. Surf Spray, which is ideal for fine to medium, healthy/normal hair. This bottle gives you a windswept texture with just a smattering of that grit we all love our mane to have a hint of. This salt-enriched styling spray leaves literally no reason to go to the beach and get in the ocean – besides wanting to for R & R purposes of course. Air dry after spraying, twist and scrunch, and you’re set. When we asked Reece how using it was different from her usual look, she said, “I love how Surf Spray gave me that amazing ocean look. I wear my hair pretty natural most of the time, but this gives my normal waves a different shape, more volume, and a more piece-y texture.” We couldn’t agree more – Her beachy hair – with the perfect amount of volume and grit – is pretty much the stuff of dreams.

We’ve never been ones brave enough to delve into foams, mousse and the like, but Bb. Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry has converted us. We called in our pal Amanda Shine to try it out. Amanda is known around town for three things: Her beautiful line of pottery (The Setting), her talent for planning events, and her insanely amazing hair. When we called on her to try Bb. Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry, she was in love. She said: “I like how it creates texture and windswept polish at the same. It made me feel like my hair looked voluminous but shiny, which is a departure from my usual long and wavy look!” It’s a spray foam with the volume of a mousse, but the texture of a salt spray: Kind of perfect, right? This is if you want to go a little more all-out with voluminous, windswept hair. And, P.S., this is a product you blow dry after applying rather than air drying. We don’t mind a slightly more high-maintenance product if it works, and this one seriously does.

So look no further potatoheads, your summertime hair solution is here: You can also be that girl that looks ocean-touched all year around. Life doesn’t get better than this…for your hair, that is.

*In collaboration with Bumble & bumble. Styled by Allen Thomas Wood. Products are available at, Bb. Network salons and Sephora.