The Guide To Summer Food Staples

Scroll through the slideshow above for the restaurants.

Do you remember when the cast of How I Met Your Mother trekked all across town in search of the perfect burger? They went to multiple restaurants, gave multiple orders and ate multiple meals before finding the perfect one. And while that does kind of sound like a foodie’s dream, we never want you Potatoheads to have to wander around the city aimlessly searching for amazing food.

That’s why we have put together this map of summer staples! Whatever you feel like — be it ice cream, lobster rolls, iced coffee, gelato, pizza, or of course the perfect delicious burger — we have an amazing spot to get it from! Consider this is your ultimate summer guide to everything! A comprehensive, all-in-one collection of all the best food lists we made this summer. So don’t get lost on the street, just get lost in this list, then map your way to any craving…

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