8 Red Wines For Warm Weather

Scroll through above for the best summer red wines to serve chilled.

Thinking of red wine often conjures up images of nestling on the couch with a blanket by the fire, or pairing a bottle with a great steak on a cold winter’s night. Though there is no reason that red wine shouldn’t be considered a summer drink, too! Did you know the French often serve it chilled? It’s true. The question is, which taste good (and light) when chilled? Enter our wine expert.

Jordan Salcito – beverage director of Momofuku and founder of Bellus wines – is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to wine, and has provided us with a list of 10 summer-appropriate reds to serve chilled. Because at some point, we might all get sick of drinking rosé, and it’s always good to have a few different options up our sleeves. Scroll through above for Jordan’s picks on the best summer reds!

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