We Created Our Own Memes

Scroll through the slideshow above for our tastemaker memes.

Why should Instagram-Memes experts have all the fun? We thought we’d create some fun memes simply using interviews from our favorite tastemakers, because um…they’re pretty quotable. Just think of these memes as the less crude version (and by the way we love it crude too) of something you’d see on @Betches, or @DaddyIssues.

Oh, and you won’t see a single ad for hair growth gummy bears or FitTea anywhere in sight, (real talk: has anyone actually tried those?). We have 10  humorous, pertinent and most importantly shareable memes courtesy of our favorite tastemakers above. Instagram them and tag your friends…you know you want to.

Also see our favorite tastemaker quotes on how to love yourself, and how to pamper yourself.