Three Rosé Recipes

Scroll through the slideshow above for our favorite recipes with rosé.

We love rosé, that’s just a fact! And we want to consume it in any and every way possible. So much so that it has come to the point where the liquid form just isn’t enough anymore, we’re craving rosé recipes as well.

Creating recipes from rosé has become quite a trend of late, and any rosé connoisseur would know that earlier this summer Sugarfina released rosé gummy bears — though sadly, getting the candies is as hard as getting a Birkin bag, because there is currently a 14,000 person waitlist. Yes, we’re serious.

But never fear Potatoheads, as usual we have a solution! We called in Liz Moody of Sprouted Routes to create three amazing rosé recipes, including a recipe for your very own at-home DIY rosé gummy bears, as well as rosé shaved ice and a rosé strawberry popsicle. Try these before #roséseason is over…

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