The Top 15 NYC Noodle Spots

Noodles; I love them. This is Laura Kosann speaking and I’d like to say it again: I love noodles. Ever since I spent a summer in Shanghai, China back in college, I’ve been a big fan of the noodle slurp. I’m not a big fan of the coffee slurp, or the soup one: Noodles though, I can totally get on board with. It’s one of the few foods where I feel totally fine with making a bit of noise upon consumption. It’s the only way to do it, potatoheads.

A great bowl of noodles is the ultimate all-season food. It’s delicious in both warm and cold weather, and it’s always a comfort food no matter what the setting or type of dish it is. So where do we go here at The New Potato for our favorite noodles around the borough? That would be for you to find out. Scroll through above and start making noise and playing with your food…Mom will be so proud.

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