21 DIY Popsicle Recipes

Scroll through the slideshow above to see 21 amazing popsicle recipes.

Whether you refer to them as popsicles, ice pops (or icypoles as they do in Australia), there is no denying that frozen treats were a highlight of summer when you were a kid – and there is no reason that they shouldn’t still be kind of a go-to now that you’re an adult. Peter pan complex? We think not.

Above we have compiled a list of 21 easy popsicle recipes to create and store in your fridge for days when the temperature rises way too much (aka every day recently). There are healthy, kid-friendly options, which are packed with ingredients such as fruit and yogurt, as well as less healthy, adult-only options that include ingredients such as prosecco and tequila. Why shouldn’t your ice pop double as an after-work cocktail? You’re a multi-tasking person, so you deserve a multi-tasking popsicle.

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