10 Ways to Brighten Your Bathroom

Scroll through above for our favorite bathroom decoration items.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are avid home decorators. We are constantly on the look out for that perfect throw pillow, or a new coffee table book to add to our collections. In the past we’ve provided inspiration for ways to brighten your home, tips on making your apartment look bigger and even a how-to on cleaning out your closet.

However, one area of the home we often feel gets neglected when it comes to decoration is the bathroom. And that is why we called in an expert – Stylist and former fashion editor Lisa Fine, who knows a thing or two about chic bathroom decor, and has even created her own line of organic shower curtains and bath rugs called Quiet Town. She has seriously achieved that Hamptons-esque beach vibe with this line. Scroll through above to see Lisa’s top 10 picks for how to brighten your bathroom.

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