It’s “No Makeup” Makeup

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You know those photos celebrities upload to their social media accounts looking fresh faced and perfect, alongside captions like “#NoMakeup”? Whether those images are real or not, they’re easy to achieve when you employ no makeup, makeup tactics. There’s a certain art to creating a look that makes it seem like you aren’t wearing anything at all, and we are going to show you how.

All you need are a few simple products — a really great CC cream, some clear mascara, a natural-toned lip balm and voila, you’ll be taking “make up free” selfies to rival Kylie Jenner’s in no time! Because while we do love and support anyone who wants to go makeup free, sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra help… even if you do keep it a secret…us potatoheads won’t tell anyone.

Want to achieve the perfect brow? Here are our favorite products. Looking to master a bold lip? Check out our favorite shades