Fruits Highest and Lowest in Carbs

Scroll through the slideshow above to see a full list of fruits highest and lowest in carbs.

It was Charlotte on Sex and The City who said “fruit has a lot of carbs,” and we don’t think we were the only ones who were all like: “Wait what?” to that. Carrie of course just asked if there was a new zone book out: Potato, potata.

Since we’ve already given you a full guide to fruits highest and lowest in sugar, we still need to give you a guide to their levels of carbohydrates. Some of our findings may surprise you.

For example would you guess that dried fruits such as dates would have the highest levels of carbohydrates? Or that strawberries would have almost half the amount of carbohydrates as blueberries? Knowledge is power, potatoheads! Here (from highest to lowest) is everything you need to know!

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