10 Low-Sugar Rosés

Scroll through the slideshow to see the best low-sugar Rosés. 

If Rosé was a person, it would be that girl in high school who became really, really popular, really, really quickly.

Rosé has gained an insane amount of popularity over the past few years (just look at all the shortages of it in the Hamptons); that’s why we asked Jordan Salcito – beverage director of Momofuku Milk Bar and founder of Bellus wines – to give us a list of the best rosé wines with the lowest sugar content. As we’ve learned, the drier the wine, the less sugar, and therefore the healthier the vino. Since it seems like we’ll be continuing to consume our body weight in rosé this summer, it’s probably best that we know which are low sugar. Scroll through the list above to see Jordan’s top picks for the best low sugar rosés.

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