Actress Kathryn Hahn

We have loved the hilarious actress, Kathryn Hahn, for like…ever. It’s not an exaggeration; from How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days to Anchorman all the way to Step Brothers and This Is Where I Leave You, Hahn has a predictable pattern of stealing the spotlight in our favorite comedies (both in movies and on TV) even when she’s not necessarily the lead.

We’re pretty sure to expect nothing less from her newest movie Bad Moms (coming out Friday), in which Hahn stars alongside Mila Kunis and Kristin Bell. We’re loving the anti-mom-shaming message this movie’s putting out, and we caught up with Hahn on chugging fake White Russians on set, the thing she always finds funny and how she practices beauty both inside and out.

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

I’d wake up and have a large frothy nitro iced coffee with a splash of almond milk. For breakfast, a bowl of savory brown rice, veggie and egg white scramble with a crazy good savory scone and papaya with fresh lime at home. I’d have a mid-morning smoothie with banana and almond butter from Juice Crafters.

For lunch, a big glass of rosé and chicken kale salad from Square One. They don’t serve wine but I’d sneak some in from Silverlake Wine. They have the best selection, all edited to reasonable price ranges. In the afternoon, prosecco, cheese and figs (Reminder: this is a dream food day with no consequence on my family life).

I’d have a late-ish dinner: (Around 8:00pm – I’m telling you, it has gotten old over here) at Bestia in downtown Los Angeles. I’d order a Farro and Pea Salad, skirt steak and fresh fruit, while nursing a delish gin and tonic, followed by Reese’s Pieces and karaoke at Maxx’s Karaoke in Little Tokyo.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

Let’s start on inside: Long walks with our brand new rescue puppy and time with my kids and hubby, and spa afternoons at Olympic Spa (Nothing like seeing the beautiful human female undressed at all ages and stages to put it in perspective). Outside: see inside. Also, I sweat every day. Pop Physique or YAS spinning have been my ones and onlys. I get massages every two weeks – the harder the better – and use products and get the occasional limelight facial or laser genesis from the amazing Christie Kidd. I eat mostly plants, and every few hours. Don’t get hungry.

You never liked X till you tried it at Y…

You’ve never tried icebox cake until you’ve tried the icebox cake cupcakes from Lark Cake Shop on Sunset.

What was it like being a Mom and shooting Bad Moms? Did you relate to the characters?

Shooting Bad Moms and playing the part of Carla was a fantasy for me – to live truly unplugged from the guilt that you are doing something wrong or that someone is suffering from you doing things for only yourself. Mamas – at least I – feel selfish all the time for wanting time for myself, or with my girlfriends – anything that is not work or the kids. It felt good to play someone so liberated from that (Too liberated, I might add – it is a movie! – but I loved playing her). Sigh. There has to be a healthy medium in there!

What was the funniest thing that happened on set? 

The funniest thing (at least to my co-stars) was watching me chug gallon after gallon of “White Russians” (really lukewarm Chocolate Soy Milk) in a freezing supermarket in a suit of denim.

The advice you followed that you wish you’d never followed…

I wish I had never followed the “don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Who cares?!

What always makes you laugh no matter what? 


How do you always start your day? What’s your go to breakfast? 

I always start my day with glass of water and a coffee – always. When I tried to get off caffeine I was a nightmare. One day I will. My go-to breakfast is banana, then a protein smoothie when I get a second.

Who do you swear you were in a past life?

In a past life I was a horse. A beautiful thoroughbred mare. In other words, I was Black Beauty.

What do you always bring to a dinner party as a guest? What do you always put out when hosting one? 

I always bring fresh flowers and a bottle of sparkly something as a guest. As a host, I always have out a great cheese plate and a special cocktail to start the eve. Lately, I like something tequila-based: Good tequila, shots of freshly squeezed lime juice, and sparkling water. It’s called “Ranch Water,” a cocktail I enjoyed in Marfa, Texas.

Where do you love to travel? What wont you travel without?

I love to road trip up the Central Coast of California. The air is so bright and charged. I always bring a well-edited small duffel of dresses – mostly by Acne – and Birkenstocks.

Do you have a go to recipe? What is it? 

I love making a fresh kale salad with a lemon-based dressing and a honey and lemon glazed salmon. My kids eat it so much they don’t trust salmon not doused in honey.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each? 

My favorite cities for food? Besides any place in Italy? Los Angeles. Such quality in the diversity. Also, Chicago; I could never turn down a Chicago hot dog.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

Social consciousness – thinking before you speak. We could all learn something about empathy.

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*Kathryn Hahn, photographed at The Trails Cafe in Los Angeles, CA by Danielle Kosann.