How To Alkalize With Fitness

From Get Off Your Acid’s Dr. Daryl Gioffre

If you’re familiar with the alkaline lifestyle, you already know that the foundation of the program is to eat less acidic foods to avoid acid build-up in your body. Did you also know that your daily workout could be causing that acid build-up just as much, if not more than an indulgent, sugary dessert?

The workouts that best promote alkalinity are aerobics that implement cardio and controlled breathing. These exercises increase oxygen to your heart, lungs, muscles, blood and cells most effectively, and help to detoxify your tissues. You might be surprised that your daily workout is on the naughty list… but I’m not asking you to quit SoulCycle (spoiler! It happens to be one of my favs!) — that’d just be crazy.

Instead, I’m sharing my tips for maximizing the cycle-sesh, and every other workout that could be creating an excess of lactic acid in your body.  Ultimately, this can be sabotaging your workout and preventing you from losing those few extra pounds you can’t seem to get rid of!

The Good: 

Jump around

With the popularity spike of rebounder classes like NYC’s Bari, trampoline fitness is all the rage. The act of jumping up and down is like a massage for your cells, essentially squeezing out the toxins and poisons from your tissue and flushing the lymphatic system. Remember, the quality of your life is the quality of your cells, and the rebounder is the most powerful exercise to keep them healthy. This exercise increases circulation and metabolism, aids in fat burning, and is much more fun than your average jog.


Balance is key in both diet and exercise to sustain alkalinity. The foundation of yoga is unity of the body and mind — Exercise your mind and the body will follow. Practicing yoga relieves stress that can build up acid in the body and also encourages deep breathing, a naturally detoxifying, alkalizing practice.


Swimming is a low-impact, aerobic workout that will work wonders on your lungs. Your body learns to use oxygen more efficiently, to breathe in more fresh air and breathe out more carbon dioxide. Like yoga, swimming is also a huge stress-buster. The calming feeling of being submersed in water has been proven to relieve symptoms in people with chronic stress.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a 2,000 year old practice that has many know health benefits from increased flexibility and balance, improved sleep and better immune function, as well as decrease in stress, muscle, and joint pain.  Most significant, recent studies have shown that in 85% of trials, Tai Chi can lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function.

The Not-So-Good:


The high-intensity of your spin class could be causing detrimental buildup of lactic acid. The production of that lactic acid starts increasing at about 75 to 85 percent of your aerobic capacity, which means the moment in your spin workout when you feel you’re at your maximum level of work, that acid starts accumulating more. You can neutralize that acid to improve your workout and speed up your recovery with supplements like the AlkaMind Daily Minerals, and they even come in single-serve packets to take right into your next cycle session, too.


Sore legs are a sign of excess lactic acid, and nobody has sorer legs than sprinters. Sprinting is an anaerobic activity that utilizes short bursts of energy, and the primary sources of that energy result in lactic acid as a by-product. Jogging is a lower intensity workout that doesn’t cause such high production of lactic acid.  Tip – if you can hold a conversation when running, you are aerobically training, you are burning fat (not sugar!), and you are alkalizing your body!

Weight Training

Similar to the aforementioned workouts, weightlifting is a high-effort, short-term activity that requires our bodies to produce energy faster than they can adequately deliver oxygen to our muscles. This energy, then, is derived from glucose, which is broken down by lactate, and high lactate levels causes an increase in the acidity of your muscle cells.  When this happens, your body gets its energy by fermentating glucose (because there is no oxygen for energy!) and the result?  More lactic acid!  So again, GET OFF YOUR ACID and take some alkaline minerals so you can still enjoy your workout without the acidic effects on your body!

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