10 Foods To Grow Hair

Scroll through above for Oscar’s 10 foods that grow hair

From Oscar Blandi, a celebrity hair stylist (to the likes of Naomi Watts, Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Garner and more) and the Founder of the Oscar Blandi Salon at 545 Madison Avenue. 

We all know everything good over a period of time starts to get old and less effective. It’s important to supplement your diet during the summer months (when it’s especially dry outside!) to maintain fresh hair. It’s crucial to take a break from your typical hair regimen, and go back to the regimen after a well-needed break. For example, take a break for 3-4 weeks from your daily hair regimen, only returning back to the normal regimen after the “break” period. During the momentary break with your old stuff, use a new shampoo, conditioner, etc. Remember, everything good over longer periods of time can be less effective and overused, even the best shampoo. It’s all about balance.

Aside from the break up period, the best thing you can do is eat healthy. Hair naturally grows an inch per month. It slows in growing when your metabolism isn’t working properly. Try getting a blood test and see what minerals your body needs – it only takes a few minutes! Then, you can take the proper supplements to maintain a healthy metabolism, which results in healthy hair growth. Unfortunately, there’s not much more you can do to “speed up the process.”

As you know, it’s all about balance. Incorporating a healthy diet into your lifestyle will not only help you feel better, but it’ll make you look better too. Trust me when I say it — these will help rejuvenate both your hair and nail growth from the inside out.

When clients ask me my list of foods that supplement healthy hair, I suggest a diet that includes the list above!

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