Why We Want to Go Blonde

Scroll through about to see our favorite blonde hair inspiration. 

The perpetuated stereotype in everyday society is that blondes have more fun, and as none of us here at The New Potato offices have hair of that color, it’s safe to say that we don’t necessarily agree with that statement. In fact we think – or at least hope – they have the same amount of fun as us brunettes do. However we have been feeling the inclination to lighten our locks more and more recently due to the amazing women we keep meeting with platinum blonde hair. Plus it makes us want to go to Sweden and shoot street style.

Some of the tastemakers on our site have enviable golden waves, that have us rethinking our dark tresses so much so that we’ve put together a slideshow dedicated to the blonde beauties, (and have been tempted to call our colorists on more than one occasion). Scroll through above to see our favorite blondies and don’t blame us if you too are not rethinking your current color.

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