The Non-Hamptons Guide to the Hamptons

Scroll through the slideshow above to see Rachelle’s guide to the Hamptons. 

When it comes to the Hamptons, there are those places you’ve heard about a million times that you associate with the weekend getaway. Ruschmeyers, Cyril’s, Talkhouse…you know, the watering holes you can find any and every person you’ve met in the city on any given Saturday in summer. And while those places are popular for a reason, sometimes we like to explore the restaurant, or bar, or shop less traveled so to speak.

That’s where Rachelle Hruska MacPherson comes in. Rachelle, who co-founded Guest of a Guest and owns – with her husband Sean Macpherson – the understatedly awesome Hamptons spot Crow’s Nest, has basically made a career out of knowing the the best events and places to frequent. Her and Macpherson also own Bowery Hotel and Jane Hotel, so this is a couple who are not strangers – but rather experts – when it comes to cool hospitality. Peruse below as Rachelle delivers her top 10 Non-Hamptons Hamptons spots for next time you’re there!

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