10 Minimalist Beauty Essentials

Scroll through the slideshow above for our favorite summer beauty products. 

When it comes to warm weather beauty, less is undeniably more. In the summer months, it’s very difficult to summon the energy or desire to put on a full face of makeup, or haul around a case full of beauty products everytime you go on an impromptu trip. That is why it is important to find multipurpose products, or items that perform double duty, so that you can simplify your routine and minimize fuss.

From highlighters that can double as eyeshadows, to blushes and oils, we’ve found 10 amazing products that will make your summer routine as easy as pie (Is it just us, or are you now thinking about pie? If so, click here). Scroll through the slideshow above for products to help you simplify your summer routine, because in summer, wearing less is best…on your face that is!

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