7 Snacks To Try When You’ve Cut Out Sugar

Scroll through above for the best snacks to try when you’re avoiding sugar. 

Whether we like to admit it or not, snacking can often be what makes or breaks a diet or healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how many salads you eat, or fresh juices you drink, if you’re consuming a chocolate bar every time you need a 3pm pick me up — which, let’s face it, is everyday— that’s probably going to counteract all of your healthy living efforts.

Thankfully, we have Candice Kumai to help with that! A few weeks ago Candice gave us the ultimate guide to quitting sugar, which included tips, tricks and recipes. Candice’s guide also included 7 great snacks to eat when you’re cutting out sugar. Scroll through the slideshow above to see the options, and make sure to stock up on these items soon!

For Candice’s full guide to quitting sugar see here, also read Candice’s guide to an easy 1-week cleanse.