10 Amazing Shrimp Recipes

Scroll through the slideshow above for the recipes.

“Put another shrimp on the barbie!” This is a phrase I hear very regularly, (or any time anyone ever finds out I am Australian, to be exact). This phrase is usually met with an eye-roll on my part, because in Australia shrimp is actually referred to as prawn, so not only does this phrase perpetuate a stereotype, it’s also completely incorrect.

Though, as much as this phrase pains me to hear, it never stops me from eating the delicious fruit of the sea. Shrimp is arguably one of the most popular crustaceans and rightly so. It’s the perfect summer seafood, and is delicious in salads, pastas, burgers and even curries. Scroll through the list above for 15 amazing shrimp recipes, and put another prawn on the barbecue this summer.

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