5 Links We Love

We know, we know, after two 4-day weeks in a row, this work week feels like it has gone on forever! But not to worry, because the weekend is just one day away! Here are 5 must-read stories to help get you through your Friday.

Camille Styles discusses the pros and cons of eating slowly. Here’s how it could change your life.

Do you think the contouring trend has gone too far? They think so at The Zoe Report. Here’s why.

Ok, we’re calling it: Blake Lively has the best pregnancy style of any pregnant person, ever. Click here to see some of her latest looks.

Just when you thought NYC had everything, Kellogg’s opened a restaurant dedicated entirely to cereal. And better yet, our girl Christina Tosi is on board and helped to reimagine the favored breakfast staple.

It’s New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Fashionista decided to ask non-fashion dudes what they thought of the runway trends.  And their answers are as hilarious as you’d imagine.


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