Everything But Iced Coffee

Scroll through the slideshow above for our 20 favorite non-iced coffee drinks, and where to get them. 

There’s got to be another way. We know that sounds dramatic, but seriously, there has to be something other than iced coffee in the morning (or at 4 PM) that gets us through the day. Because once July hits, we all get a little iced coffee-d out (no matter how long we were waiting for it to be in season).

That’s why we curated a list of 20 different drinks at 20 different NYC spots that are not iced coffee. Whether it be an iced macha latte, an iced chai tea or the like, there’s something here for everyone. And by the by, if you’re an iced coffee addict that’s slightly offended by this article, have no fear, all these spots will sell you iced coffee as well

Do you fancy iced coffee? this is the list for you. Also, see here for the best food deals in NYC.