Your July Horoscope

From The Astrotwins

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Optimism, wherefore art thou? Keeping hope alive has never seemed harder, as a wildly polarizing U.S. election year turns nasty and overseas is rocked with everything from Brexit to tragic bombings. From xenophobic politicians to stomach-turning police brutality, a glance at the headlines is enough to take the wind out of anyone’s sails. Here’s how your sign can proactively cope with what’s happening in our world.


Aries is the sign of heroic action—you’re the pioneering activist and the outspoken champion for others. So don’t hold back! Educate yourself and share what you learn, perhaps even hosting a teach-in or inviting a social change leader to speak in your area. Dare to speak up in the face of bigotry and small-mindedness—your fearless example will inspire others.


Steady Taurus, your gift is remaining calm in a crisis. While others get swept up in a maelstrom, you can stay rooted and level-headed. The climate is divisive and opinions are running strong. Create safe spaces for people to “agree to disagree.” Taurus rules the body and senses, so remain in a positive space by decompressing and surrounding yourself with beauty and peaceful energy. As within, so without!


As the sign of the Twins, your gift is seeing both sides of every situation. While this may earn some Geminis a reputation as wishy-washy, your role as a human Google database can also make you one of the most well-informed people out there. Share links to articles, videos and books that awaken other people’s curiosity. Just avoid spewing opinions that aren’t fully researched. Gemini also rules local action so get involved in your community.


As one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, you feel everyone’s pain as your own. (We recently walked into a café to find a Cancer friend crying while reading the morning news!) Your open heart is beautiful, but make sure that you don’t fall into a state of helplessness and emotional overwhelm. Why? This could lead to inertia—so channel those feelings into action, especially helping women and children who are affected by injustice.


Roar, Leo, roar! Your fierce and fearless passion will awaken the slumbering masses. As a natural-born leader, your job is to reminds the apathetic among us that (to quote our exiting Leo POTUS) “yes we CAN” make a difference. Act as a human alarm clock and empower others…especially ones who think their votes don’t count. Leo is also the sign of drama and expression, and you’re especially good with kids. You could work with children to teach tolerance through role-playing or theater.


While you might not be able to singlehandedly end genocide or solve the clean water crisis, You’re the zodiac’s sign of service, so giving back helps you feel like you’re actually doing something instead of sitting around complaining. Many Virgos are excellent writers and teachers, so you have an important role in articulating and spreading a positive message for change. As the sign that rules nature, environmental issues may be a pet cause. But you’re also interested in human nature and figuring out what makes people tick. Your ability to connect those dots can make you an amazing healer. Just beware your sign’s tendency to get preachy or judgmental—stay off the soapbox.


There are a lot of reasons to be angry right now—a LOT. But spending your time steeped in rage throws your delicate scales way off balance. Libra is the sign of fairness and compromise. You live by the words of your fellow Libra Gandhi who said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Find ways to constructively channel the collective frustration and pain our world is feeling. As the zodiac’s diplomat and mediator, you could organize some intergroup dialogues or events focused on peace.


Don’t hate, elevate. You’re the sign of transformation, ruled by Pluto—god of the underworld and the human “shadow side.” Spiritual Scorpios understand like no other sign that the opposite of fear is love. Our world can’t really change until fundamental fears have been healed, ones that drive people to abuse power, using force to control and dominate. As the sign of merging you also viscerally understand that we are all interconnected. Help enlighten others that separateness is a myth, and that “oneness” is the route to peace.


You’re the zodiac’s multicultural ambassador, famous for bridging divides and bringing people together across so-called differences. By connecting intersecting communities, you can heal the infighting that keeps oppressed groups divided and disempowered. You also specialize in truth-telling with a twist of humor, so you can entertain and educate people. Just beware your sign’s tendency toward bluntness. While your honesty is refreshing, it could shut down dialogue if you monopolize discussions and become intolerant of other viewpoints.


Measured Capricorn, you’re the sign of long-term plans and structure. You may even occupy a position of power—or you have a decision-maker or two in your circle. Bend the ear of these influencers or use your own status to raise awareness and change policies. Watch a tendency to get melancholy and depressed. Your strong presence can be so comforting—you’re a rock when others fall apart. Just by being there for people in need you can feel empowered, knowing that your energy is healing and that you DO make a difference.


You’re the humanitarian of the zodiac, the sign of group activity. You have a talent for bringing people together socially…for a social cause. It’s kind of a no-brainer that you’d organize a benefit show, spearhead a giving initiative or get involved with a non-profit. Politics could also call to you, and since you’re the sign of popularity, you can use your natural charm and likeability to rally people around a cause.


You’re the zodiac’s empath and spiritual healer, and your manifesting powers have never been needed more! Gather some people to help raise the planet’s vibrational frequency, perhaps with a group meditation. Don’t fall into the Pisces avoidance trap—you can’t escape by burying your head in the sand. But regulate how much of the negativity you take in: “shield your field” and clear any heavy energy you absorb.

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