The Top 30 Oyster Spots in NYC

Scroll through the slideshow above to see our 30 favorite spots for oysters in NYC.

We know, we know, you’re coming off a holiday weekend, what do you want to hear about oysters and champagne for? Guess what potatoheads? It’s a four day week, which means the weekend might be even sooner than your next deadline. That means more fun, and let’s face it we’ll have oysters every night of the week.

If you stroll through Paris it’s a sea of awesome French people sipping champagne and downing oysters. Let’s emulate that here in NYC.¬†Where are the spots to go to get oysters? We have 30 of them: They happen to be our go-to when it comes to these fruits of the sea. Because what’s a summer night without a delicious food ritual and people-watching? Exactly.

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