Around The World in 8 Cocktails

Scroll through the slideshow above for our favorite international cocktails.

We’re proud to be New Yorkers in many ways, and one of those is loving a truly good martini. We figure a lot of international cities have a cocktail associated with them, but what are they? And more importantly, why are we asking this question?

Well, for those of you who aren’t able to travel abroad this summer, we have the next best thing: You will live vicariously by sipping on delicious country-specific cocktails. We have done some research and figured out exactly what the signature summer drink is in many of our most desired travel destinations. Want to go to London, but can’t afford the time off work? No worries, just make yourself a Pimm’s Cup. Who needs to deal with the jetlag of going to Italy, when you can just sip on a Negroni and pretend you are sitting at a bar in Rome overlooking the coliseum?

It’s all about using your imagination, people! Experience all of the cocktailing that comes with vacation, and none of the hair-tearing frustration that comes with TSA security lines. Scroll through above to virtually travel the world through alcoholic beverages.

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