25 Beach-Friendly Snacks

Scroll through the slideshow above for our favorite beach friendly snacks.

When it comes to packing snacks for the beach, it is a little difficult to get creative. With restrictions based on what will melt in sun, what will get squashed in your bag, and what can be eaten without cutlery, options tend to become quite limited.

We’ve been disappointed one too many times after throwing a banana into our beach bag, only to retrieve a bruised inedible piece of fruit a few hours later. And we refuse to be that person struggling to cut up an avocado while covered in sand. That is why we have come up with the ultimate beach friendly snack list. From almonds and cashews to Skinny Pop and Chia Bars, this is the best list of what to put in your beach bag next time you’re about to have a day in the sun.  

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