10 Low-Sugar White Wines

Scroll through the slideshow above for the best dry white wines to drink this summer. 

We love a good white wine in the summertime, (who are we kidding, we also love one in the wintertime, the spring time and the fall), but with a lot of white wine consumption comes a lot of sugar consumption. That’s why we sometimes find ourselves asking: What are the driest white wines?  

Momofuku’s Beverage Director, and the founder of Bellus Wines – Jordan Salcito – gave us a list of the best dry white wines around. As we’ve learned, when it comes cutting down your sugar intake, the drier the wine, the better. Because we want to be conscious of calorie intake and ingredients, but we also still want to indulge in a glass or two of our favorite vino (after all, Linda Rodin told us she has two glasses of white wine every night, and she’s our aging-beautifully guru). Have your wine and drink it too…thanks to Jordan we can do just that! Scroll through above for the best dry white wines to drink this summer!

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