Modern Day “Why Don’t You’s”

Scroll through the slideshow above for ‘Why Don’t Yous’ from our favorite tastemakers. 

During her time at Harper’s Bazaar, the unbelievably original and inspiring Diana Vreeland penned a famous column entitled Why Don’t You, which was filled with extravagant out-there ideas where the sky is the limit – from washing your child’s hair in champagne to having Hermès Paris casually craft you an elk-hide trunk for your car.

With what’s happening in the world right now, we are always looking for uplifting content in one form or another: Whether it’s car karaoke or memes from The Fat Jewish. This week we felt like putting that content out into the universe ourselves and throwing back to this column, which made the seemingly not-so-plausible plausible.

That is why we asked our favorite tastemakers to come up with Why Don’t You’s of their own and boy, did they deliver. These modern day quotes are wonderful suggestions for the 21st century woman, and include sentiments concerning everything from capes, to philanthropy to bringing three different outfits to work. Scroll through above to see our favorite quotes and in terms of the suggestions: Kids…try this at home.  

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