Are You Having OITNB Withdrawal?

Scroll through above to see highlights from all our OITNB cast interviews. 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already finished the entire fourth season of Orange is the New Black, and are having serious withdrawal. You’re probably scouring the Internet, reading every synopsis, episode analysis, and cast member interview you can find. You’re also incredibly jealous of the person that’s all like “I haven’t had time to watch an episode, starting it this weekend.” You forlornly think: Remember the time I hadn’t yet watched the fourth season? I had the whole world ahead of me. Yes: The struggle is real.

But here at TNP we are a solution-oriented people: If we’re hungry for a seafood platter mid-winter, we order that seafood platter. If a Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate glazed is on our minds, we house that chocolate glazed as fast as Kanye says something publicly that Kim regrets later. It’s just the way we are built.

So, in dealing with our OITNB withdrawal, we rounded all our interviews with these ladies that we’ve had on TNP! Scroll through above to see the best bites from our chats with Alex Vause, Morello, Red, Taystee and Suzanne, (or Laura Prepon, Yael Stone, Kate Mulgrew, Danielle Brooks, and Uzo Abuda, as they are referred to in what we call the real 3-dimensional world).

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