10 Alternatives To Netflix & Chill

Scroll through the slideshow above to see our 10 favorite date ideas.

That’s right, we’re about to take back dating potatoheads. As we all know “Netflix and Chill,” has become the lazy date option of choice for our generation. Sitting on the couch, binge watching something like The Wire and ordering seamless requires precisely zero effort — and that’s exactly how us Millennials sometimes like it. And yes, we know, the double meaning of Netflix & Chill isn’t lost on us…which is even more of a reason those first few dates to get off the couch and get to know each other (you can always go home later, right?).

Here at TNP we think it’s time to challenge the lazy go-to dating option of our generation. Especially as avid foodies, there’s a great big world of eating and drinking options out there, how can you miss it with your new or old significant other? We’re here to bring more entertainment and adventure into your dating rendezvous: That goes for whether you met on a dating app, through friends or at one of those functions your Mom tells you to go to since there may be “eligibles” there (as she coins them).

Is he fast becoming your pen pal on Tinder rather than a person you see in the flesh? Have inventive dates given way to Making A Murderer? We’ve got you covered. Scroll through above for a list of 10 amazing date ideas that require you to leave your apartment, talk to your fellow companion and try your chemistry out on dry land.

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